Our Story

“ When creating a new product, I am always looking for an elegant mix of superior ingredients, authentic craftsmanship and quality that a large audience will enjoy. I still feel that buzz of excitement when I get a new idea! ”



We pay great attention to well established mastery. We experiment with well established knowledge.
A great base creates a fertile ground for quality innovation.
Serge Buss, Founder and owner of Buss Spirits has been a restaurant and catering professional from a long line of independent entrepreneurs.
Food creation with a special focus on innovation in flavour combinations, is definitely in the genes. His grandfather cooked for the Belgian royals and his father owned a string of highly successful restaurants.
His talent in creating exquisite balanced tastes & flavours is unique.
Our gins are made through high premium quality distillation & artisan production.


Authentic and high quality ingredients are imperative to create distinct mixes and cocktails.

All the creations in the Buss range are the results of an exciting period of experimenting with wild combinations of natural ingredients and cooking techniques from the restaurant business.
We take great pride in being the ‘odd one out’ in the fabulous world of spirits. We have a modern approach to vintage quality. Every creation is based on a superbly distilled product, infused with an exceptional Buss-twist and a true focus on professional grade excellence.


We don’t believe in one size fits all, we celebrate all different taste palates of a colourful and exciting life.
With the foundation of the first dedicated Belgian Gin & Tonic bar in 2013 Serge Buss was leading the way in a growing niche market. The experiences and customer input there, proved the perfect testing grounds for new ideas and recipes.