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Dear spirit importers around the globe

Try out Buss N°0.0 gin, a non alcoholic spirit with a lot of soul!

Claim your FREE business discovery box and taste this non alcoholic gin besides our premium Belgian Spirits. 


Sobriety pleasure for everyone

The Buss N°0,0 gins were created for health and self conscious people who want to go out but still fit in at the party with the right drink and feelingOur Buss N°0.0 Raspberry and Buss N°0.0 Pink Grapefruit gin are loved by many people! 

2021 will continue the health trend across the world and Buss Spirits wants to contribute to the demand for healthier drinks with YOUR help


Your Belgian Supplier

Let me introduce myself. My name is Serge Buss and I'm the founder and owner of Buss Spirits Under normal circumstances you would have received a personal invitation to participate in a spirit tasting together with other international importers. But unfortunately, corona puts a (temporary) stop to that. That is why you as an importer are invited to taste our premium Belgian products at your home or office. Try our free discovery box.

Premium Belgian Spirits

We offer gins, rums and vodkas of great quality. All our spirits are carefully distilled with true botanicals and macerated with fresh fruit. For the non alcoholics we also have non alcoholic gins, ideal for Tournée Minérale! Amidst our spirits we are particularly proud of our Shack Rum. The Super Spiced, Red Spiced and Orange are very popular with our customers and spirit connoisseurs. If you've gotten curious now and would like to try it out, don't worry, this shack rum is part of the discovery box.


Sustainable Cooperation

With the vaccine in circulation, better times are ahead. People will effortlessly look for social interaction and the catering industry will flourish again. Being well prepared and making valuable contacts is now more necessary than ever for our sector. We want to help, we go through this together. I am very much looking forward to a fruitful partnership so that we can make happy and lasting customers in the time to come. Remember, nothing lasts forever...


Worldwide Shipping With UPS

✓ shipping to any country

✓ necessary licenses to ship alcohol abroad


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REMINDER: this offer applies to spirit importers and owners of catering businesses.

Included in discovery box (valued at €240) left to right:


  BUSS N°509 - MASTER CUT GIN 45° 70cl

✓  BUSS N° 509 - ELDERFLOWER GIN 40° 20cl

✓  BUSS N° 509 - PINK GRAPEFRUIT GIN 40° 20cl


✓  SHACK RUM - RED SPICED 37.5° 70cl


To make sure our offer cannot be misused, we need the following information to verify the existence of your company.



Looking forward to hearing from you very soon!

Serge Buss